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You've Written A Song, So Now What?

You've Written A Song, So Now What?
Is a guide to the business of songwriting. Have you written a potential hit song, but don't know what to do next? Wouldn't it be great to hear your song on the radio? Take the mystery out of the songwriting business. If you're a songwriter, musician or recording artist looking to make money from your songs then this Earbook is for you. Format: Audio Book CD or Cassette

  • Learn about Intellectual Property and how to register your song with the Copyright Office.
  • Understand why you need a song demo and how to record your own.
  • Get tips for ways to pitch your song to music publishers.
  • Discover the Five Vital Points of your publishing contract.
  • Find out about royalties and the many ways songs earn money.
  • Gain insights for successful networking in the music industry.
  • Includes resources for additional study on your own.
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